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Inauguration Day 1/20/17


Life as we Know IT

Every day I wake up with that deep and peaceful feeling of having had a wonderful, refreshing sleep and break from the world. But as the brain adjusts to wakefulness I realize a feeling of panic. I feel like trying to will myself back to sleep so I can make the panic go away, but the panic has already taken hold of my thoughts so instead I trudge out with a feeling of helplessness.

I recognize this feeling as the same I had when my husband of 20 years died suddenly 10 years ago. This is a feeling of grief and despair. There was nothing I could do about losing my partner and friend, other than process the loss. And as the process of grief and loss continued, I learned to lose other things I cared about such as the many things my husband collected and then eventually the house he built.

In the last couple years, I’ve been so proud that I weathered that grief and loss, and just as I was looking forward to rebu…

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Standing up for the Future

On Nov 8th, my daughter and I went to vote for our country’s first female President. She had just turned 18 and it was her first time voting. I was excited for her and the direction of our country. By Nov 9th, my mood took a 180 and I felt like my country had punched me in the teeth. I was flashing back to every person who told me that I couldn’t do something because I was a girl or would belittle my accomplishments by saying things like: You’re smart. For a girl.

In the days that followed, I felt a little better knowing that Clinton had won the popular vote, but I still felt betrayed by a large portion of our country. This is something I have never felt before after a Presidential election even when the person I voted for didn’t win.

I am taking part in Bridge Together to stand up for my values and for my daughter’s future. I want to show the people in Washington that hate was no…

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Jake, a mini Aussie, doesn’t like bullying either!

Jake will be joining the beyond the bridge crowd on the North end on Friday! We did a practice walk today in the rain. Walked from downtown Sausalito to the vista point. Only 3 miles, about 1 hour, with stops for pics and smell the roses (or make that munch on some grass). We’ll be wearing purple, and to keep Jake happy I made a few purple fleece pull ropes to play with. See you there!…

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To the future!

After the election I literally sat in bed and cried as I tried to hide from my kids. I am a 48 year old mom. I have been a Hillary supporter since 1992. I couldn’t believe that yet again she, a woman, was overlooked and worse that a under qualified rude, brash, overly confident man was elected as our new President I’ve spent years teaching empathy and compassion to my kids and our new President doesn’t seem to have either. My husband is from Aleppo, Syria (with relatives still there) and our children’s guardian (in our will) is a gay man. The U.S. became a very scary place in one day. I felt like time stood still. I was paralyzed in fear and sadness. What could I do? My 6 year old daughter and 9 year old son and I talked about what it all meant. Unlike so many other countries, in 2017 the U.S. still wouldn’t be evolved enough to have a woman president. One day in the car the kid…

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My children’s future

I’m fearful for my children’s future, for many reasons. So fearful that I need to do something concrete in order to stand against the kind of fearful hatred which holds so much of our country in thrall. I needed to do something to stand for love, to stand for the knowledge that public resources, that working together for the good of all, is the way of the true future. Standing on the bridge in the cold wet wind with thousands of others who believe in “us”, is exactly what I need to do to have the will to keep fighting for my children’s future. My children are biracial. My daughter is a beautiful, sweet, powerful girl who I want to have every opportunity in the world. So I will need to fight misogyny, fight racism, and fight climate catastrophe for her. My son is severely autistic, and he will likely never be able to live independently. With proper education, and prope…

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