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Inauguration Day 1/20/17

My First Inauguration Day Celebration

* On January 20, a group of Presidio Hill School students opted to observe and join Bridge Together, and we walked along the Presidio cemetery memorial with Archibald MacLeish’s poem on our way to the bridge. Here is a reflection from one student, who was four years old when Obama was inaugurated:

Inauguration Day: what everyone reads about in their textbooks, but very few of us experience it. I have always wanted to actually experience Inauguration Day, and now I have. It all started by having one hour walk of anticipation to the Golden Gate Bridge. Once we got there, a colossal group of people reuniting together, as a whole standing and showing that no matter what happens they will stand together. At that moment I felt less scared of what might happen in our future, I felt like I was safe and protected. Then we all held hands, peering over the Golden Gate Bridge. As more and more people joined, we stood for what we believed in and wore purple for anti bullying. Some of us even had the chance to talk to reporters on our opinion of what was going on! Then, another hour walk back with droopy wet socks because of jumping in literally every single puddle! Once we got to school, we had lunch and break. I realized how lucky the Presidio Hill School was to be seeing the inauguration, and taking part in it because it will be such a big part in history that we experienced with our own eyes. When I woke up that morning I was uncertain what was going to happen, I did not know if there was going to be violence, chanting or anything. Now I am proud to be influenced by the inauguration on Friday, January, 20th 2017.