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Inauguration Day 1/20/17

Hope in Action

Standing together with men, women, and children from all backgrounds united in the themes of respect and unity was what drew me to this event. I am drawn towards people who want to stand up, stand together and be engaged. We’ve had plenty of time to complain about the outcome of the election, now we must build a better future by uniting. Standing together on the bridge with the sky and water as inspiration with all the color made me think of the possibilities when positive engaged citizens unite. I did the women’s march the next day but the bridge event is what really stole my heart.…

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I signed up to join Bridge Together as soon as I heard about it. I was feeling so despondent after the election, angry, and lost and like I just wanted to be with other people doing something positive. Your invitation was perfect. And in fact the day turned out that way. As it turned out some neighbors and fellow filmmakers were going so we all went together, walked from there through the Presidio together, and spent the morning visiting and talking with like minded people. All very positive. And at the moment we all raised our hands, I was deeply moved at the possibility of something other than what we seem to be living through. Thank you for organizing.…

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A Beautiful Day

I decided to join the Bridge Together at the invitation of my friend, Tracey Bauer. We both arrived early and met in the middle of the span by 9:15. There we stood, greeting and chatting with others as our numbers swelled. Why did I go? First, I am afraid of large crowds and so, as much as I wanted to go to DC or to Oakland or to San Francisco, I knew it would not be a good experience for me. Second, the idea of a peaceful, non-confrontational approach to the difficulties that lie ahead appealed. Finally, though not as cohesive as a Cristo installation, being part of a performance art piece with a message was a draw. The experience lived up to my expectations and then some. Thank you!…

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Pushed to involvement after many years

First, I am a 65 year old privileged male and registered as a Libertarian but usually vote Democratic (especially since the Republicans have gone crazy). My parents Lifelong Republicans would NEVER have voted for Trump.
I decided to do something to mark the sad occasion for our nation of Trump taking office. I realized this wouldn’t be appropriate at my job, so I took the day off. I was looking for something symbolic to do and I came across BTGG. I am glad I did! The last time I was in any political event was probably in the early 70’s against the Vietnam War. Even though I may have been high for the events in the 70’s I was even more euphoric when I was (sober) at this event. It was wonderful, the weather was much better than it promised to be, people were really nice, everyone seemed happy and it made me forget how down I had felt. This also started me thinking about further action to …

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What brought me to the Bridge Action

I’ve been reeling from my fears about what the next four years – and beyond – could look like if I/we fall into despair. I also know there is a lot of anger and hatred being sent out into the universe right now and it makes me sad on a different level. I want to fight, but I want to fight back with love and compassion and respect. I want to fight back with joy and kind intentions and playfulness. I am angry, and I want to harness that anger into something gorgeous. The bridge on January 20th was indeed gorgeous!
Thank you so much.…

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why I came

I came to the bridge to be on the symbol for California on the day the person who stole the election was inaugurated. I wanted to connect with other bay area people to make a heart connected positive statement that day.…

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The Climate Needs Help

Sara and husband John

I’ve been worried for a long time about our climate. The air is becoming unable to let the sun’s heat escape, and the oceans are becoming acidic. It will take all our courage, intelligence and compassion to get out of this crisis without enormous suffering. Now we have a president who won’t admit there is such a thing as climate change, and his minions are busy undoing the work of the past 8 years.
When I heard of the Women’s March, I was skeptical at first, but seeing that Barnali Ghosh , a leader of South Asian Americans working against climate change, was involved encouraged me to reach out to other climate groups and my friends at 350 San Francisco. A number of us were there on the Bridge. When I posted my photo on Facebook, it was liked by a FB friend in Scotland I hadn’t heard from in years! I think the rest of the world was heartened to see that not all of us are bambo…

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As inauguration day approached, the thought of having to endure a grotesque celebration of racism, xenophobia, hatred and lies was more than I could bear. Then I heard about Bridge Together. My imagination was captured by this powerful alternative: spending time outside in a beautiful setting, celebrating connections and solidarity with other people who valued kindness, compassion, truth and tolerance.
The result was far more than I could have hoped for. What an amazing morning. I shared it with my husband, my good friend and her son, in addition to thousands of others. I went home feeling stronger and better; ready to fight for what’s right in the next four years.…

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Thanks–It felt very liberating to be on Golden Gate Bridge that morning.…

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Irish Pat

I walked that bridge because I believe in the power of change. I believe in all rights for humans: planned parenthood clinics for all women, climate change action, environmental changes to leave this world a better place, LGBTQ rights.
I though I was done marching at age 70, but I will continue to march for my grandchildren.…

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